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Palabras de amor serrat letra

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Palabras de amor serrat letra

words of love song

He is recognized as one of the pioneers of what came to be called the Catalan Nova Cançó and was a member of the group Els Setze Jutges (he joined as the thirteenth of the sixteen), a group of singers in Catalan language that had as a reference the French chanson (with exponents such as Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens and Léo Ferré, among others), and who defended the Catalan language during the Franco dictatorship.

In 1965 their first recording was released, the EP called Una guitarra, with four songs: “Una guitarra”, “Ella em deixa”, “La mort de l’avi” and “El mocador”. In 1966 his second EP Ara que tinc vint anys appeared with the songs: “Ara que tinc vint anys”, “Quan arriba el fred”, “El drapaire” and “Sota un cirerer florit”.

On December 16, 2010 he received at the Teatro Solís in Montevideo (Uruguay) the Memoria del Fuego award, from the hands of the writer Eduardo Galeano. The award (a statuette by sculptor Octavio Podestá), was instituted by the weekly Brecha on the occasion of its 25th anniversary and recognizes a creator who, in addition to his artistic values, is committed to social and human rights issues.

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Luis García is the author of “Serrat: Canción a canción”, “Serrat, cantares y huellas”, “Serrat y Sabina a vista de pájaro” and now also of “Mediterráneo. Serrat at the crossroads”; he explains that there are therapists and psychologists aware that Serrat has allowed many of his patients to have a very positive approach to the problems of everyday life.

“Cantares” contains a philosophy manual that widens life, that proposes to go through it from personal decisions and independence, without prejudices, with the risk of opening the way from the deepest and most sincere of each one of us. Always forward, without ties, creating your own path.

“Cantares” is a way to learn to see life with different eyes. It is a song that draws on the genius of Antonio Machado’s poetry. In fact, many people have learned the poetry of this author thanks to Serrat.

Patricia defines it as the flag of optimism because that phrase makes you think that the good streak is not something that comes given to you, it is something you can work on to get it. “You have to be very grateful with life because you can’t let them pass you by”.

sincerely yours lyrics

The problem with reggaeton is that all Latin rhythms that resemble it are pigeonholed in that word, as a commercial label. In it, artists of different origins and different styles are united and intertwined in a ‘radio formula’.

I’m watching the umpteenth “reggaeton under attack” move because of what Rhodes has said and it blows my mind that by now we haven’t realized that in this story Rhodes is David and reggaeton is Goliath because reggaeton is absolutely hegemonic. Reggaeton won.- Ricardo J. G. (@Ricardo_JG) November 22, 2021

Reggaeton not only unites rhythms and catchy mixes, it talks about life with such a colloquial language that it seems like it’s telling it to yourself, it creates a festive and cordial atmosphere, it describes the free woman, or as Bad Gyal says, “she is encouraged to behave as she wants” and it introduces her to the acceptance of society.

poemas de amor letra

14 songs were the ones Andrés Calamaro decided to reconstruct in Dios los Cría, of which he revealed each of their lights and shadows in his own voice. In addition, in an exclusive interview for Rolling Stone Mexico, El Salmón gave us several details about the journey that this work entailed.

“Mon Laferte, undoubtedly touched by a magic wand. I also had the opportunity to meet her at one of these fraternal gatherings, I met her in her red dress on stage. Few singers sparkle and shine like Mon Laferte. How she enlarges, how she expands is very remarkable. I highly value this collaboration and now it is a must in the concerts we will have from now on”.

“What is Julieta Venegas like? She has what a singer has to have, she convinced us from her first day. What art she puts into this song that, it must be said, we didn’t record it in the tone of a female singer because we didn’t know who was going to sing it. There is Julieta’s art, finding the finest space to make the harmonies with me to sing ‘Let’s move on to another song'”.

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