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Jorge bucay frases para pensar

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Jorge bucay frases para pensar

Cuentos para pensar jorge bucay summary

64. For me, violence is a consequence of competition, and competition is a consequence of rivalry and comparison; and rivalry and comparison are a consequence of a consumer culture in which we are educated to compare ourselves all the time with others.

With this phrase, Jorge Bucay criticizes the consumer society that generates competitiveness instead of promoting other values such as fraternity or collaboration in which collective objectives are pursued.

65. Why is independence impossible? Because to be independent it would be necessary to be self-sufficient, and nobody is. No one can permanently do without others. We need others, irremediably, in many different ways.

Tales of jorge bucay self-esteem

If it is true that you love me, tell me from time to time. I like to hear you say it, even if you don’t think it’s necessary and even if I never tell you, because of course I love you with all my heart.

Grief is a psychological process of emotional adaptation that occurs after an important loss for us, especially that of a loved one. Grief is divided into several stages, processes of which Jorge Bucay reflects in many of his works, being “The path of tears” the most important example.We continue with a selection of Jorge Bucay’s phrases about grief perfect for thinking….

If there is something clear in life is that death is inevitable and is part of the world in which we live. Suffering the loss of a loved one is tragic and painful, but it can also make us stronger. It helps us to know ourselves better in sadness and hopelessness and shows us how resilient we can be, which is why it is one of the Jorge Bucay quotes we like the most.In this other article of Frases de fuerza you will find similar quotes about the importance of resisting and moving forward.

Jorge bucay frases de amor

“I also needed to define myself; not to be discriminated against, I was not what others were but what was I? So I had to look for a new way to define myself. And I found it: professional helper. The helper thing because of the help, and the professional thing because I am trained for the job, and I get paid for doing it.” Jorge Bucay[4]

He considers that the recovery of stories as a form of communication is part of a movement to rescue traditional values;[citation needed] and that society is guilty of the problems of the individual only until he becomes an adult.

The value of Bucay’s literary work is a debated topic. Some literary critics, such as Osvaldo Quiroga, consider the author as mediocre and elementary.[7][8] Others synthesize Bucay’s style by remarking his understandable and light colloquial language, which would try to lead the reader to find answers about human behavior and reasoning and expand the “horizons of thought” to achieve a better understanding of life itself, change the appreciation of things and consequently modify his own life in order to live in peace and happiness.[citation needed].

Self-love phrases

4. Love is not in us to sacrifice it for the other, but to enjoy the other’s existence.5. We do not fall in love with the other’s potential, but with what the other truly is.6. Love is the rejoicing in the mere existence of the other. It is the happiness of having found someone who pleases us and makes us happy, although we should never depend entirely on that person.7. Love grants, pushes, encourages those whom I love to move into less and less dependent spaces.8. Love for another person is born from the capacity to love, which begins with love for oneself.9. Love, for me, is a sincere decision to create for the loved one a place so wide that he can choose what to do with his life, his body and his feelings.

10. Death allows you to look for that loved one in the treasures you keep in your heart, it is to understand that love does not end with mourning, the memory of the loved one and the moments we have shared with him/her is what remains.11. Jorge Bucay’s phrases about lifeOf course, Jorge Bucay’s literature is not enough to understand the meaning of life, but thanks to it we can know ourselves better and find our way in it.12. Difficulties are revealed to us, then, as positive stages of life, since they are the ones that allow us to reach happiness.13. A life that adds can be the first brick to build a happy life.

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