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Frases de fito y fitipaldis

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Frases de fito y fitipaldis

the house through the roof

3. Sailor soldier you met a mermaid, one of those that say I love you if they see a full wallet. You chose the prettiest and the least good, without knowing how the storm caught you. – Sailor soldier

22. I won’t feel bad if something doesn’t go well, I’ve learned to skid and hit the wall. That life goes away from us like the smoke from that train, like a kiss in a doorway before I count ten. – Before the count of ten

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beret’s phrases

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before i count ten

One of the themes around which the lyrics of Fito y Fitipaldis revolve is love. This is often dignified through values such as honesty, humility and simplicity. Here are some of Fito y Fitipaldis’ love phrases. We are sure that someone will come to your mind.

Fito y Fitipaldis’ short phrases stand out for their frankness: sentimental and very sincere. It is possible to appreciate how Fito and the rest of the band members know first hand the emotions that sustain their songs.

Pain does not necessarily lead us to destruction. In fact, when we know who we are and we bet on our true value, that pain can represent a beautiful lesson. What do you think about this phrase of Fito y Fitipaldis? We invite you to learn more Phrases of pain to reflect and learn from them.

The mere fact of being alive is reason enough to smile; at least for some people. Would you use this phrase of Fito y Fitipaldis to get a tattoo? Don’t miss this list of Smile Phrases, because a smile heals everything.

fito y fitipaldis lyrics

Until now he has lived like most of our society, alienated from himself. Fortunately, he has realized something, and he is beginning to understand. That is, he gives importance to emotions, to the kinesthetic, to what happens to me when things happen around me. What happens, happens, and the important thing is what I do with what happens.

He learned from life. Being a rascal, I interpret it as, he missed some class, he went to try to understand what life is, and he learned that from people (the witch) who maybe are (or were) not well seen socially. Life is what it is, and it must be lived, feeling.

Life happens. We burn life, surviving, not living. Time leaves only ashes, which is what remains when everything is burned. I interpret a certain metaphor about ash and dust, that time leads us to become ash, either by being incinerated, or dust. And time passes, and passes, and burning time, without enjoying it, is not living.

It feels weird. Not peculiar, interesting, or different. He feels displaced, lost, with a world around him with which he does not feel identified at all, as if he were totally against the tide. Wanting to feel, wanting to live, and not to be surviving in a society that is moving towards stress, dehumanized, isolated from ourselves, from our inner selves. In the end, society, to be in accordance with it, should be the globality of people who connect with their inner self and with the inner self of the people we relate to, as well as being connected with the rest of our environment.

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