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Frases de amor eterno cortas

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Frases de amor eterno cortas

frases de amor eterno em portugues

There is nothing like hearing something nice from the person you love to you because you know that those words mean exactly what they are saying and are said with total sincerity. If you want to know more short and beautiful love phrases (with images) to dedicate them to that person enter this article.

Eternal and unconditional love between two people is the best thing that can happen to a relationship.  It is scientifically proven that when you are reciprocated, you are happier. Our body releases oxytocin, the so-called “love hormone”, which causes the well-known cramps and butterflies in the stomach.

A true love can become the reason to get up every day, to smile without grilling and to face all your problems. Love has much more power than you can imagine, even more than hate, as Shakespeare said. It is not necessary to show it with expensive purchases of materialism, because it is a spiritual feeling, and you are satisfied with a simple caress every night.

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You may think that eternal love is a cliché. Or perhaps, on the contrary, you firmly believe in it. However, what seems unquestionable is that true love does not understand obstacles. It is self-sufficient and has no logical reasons at all. In fact, its intensity can even provoke a certain convulsion in the relationship and reach an unsustainable degree of toxicity. So today, in Frases de la Vida, in addition to bringing you 90 phrases of eternal love that we are sure will make you reflect, we want to make you a recommendation that, as a lover of letters, can not miss in your library. A novel that completely escapes the romantic clichés that border on cheesiness to enter fully into the reality of true love.

Having made our recommendation, we leave you with our selection of eternal love phrases. We hope they make you reflect as much as we do and that you can identify with some of them.

10. Whoever tries to possess a flower, sees its beauty wither. But he who merely looks at a flower in a field, will remain with it forever. Because it combines with the afternoon, with the sunset, with the smell of the wet earth and with the clouds on the horizon. – Paulo Coelho

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Much has been said about love, but even so it is still not possible to write a 100% reliable manual that tells us absolutely everything we need to know to find happiness next to our partner.

However something that is completely true is that love must be strengthened every day so that it can last, so we bring you some declarations of eternal love that you can share with your partner to conquer his or her heart.

Love can surprise us at any moment of our lives and lead us to live wonderful experiences that will allow us to be completely sure that we are next to the right person, the love of our life.

– “With each of your kisses you are able to make me feel in the clouds and just by thinking of you my heart beats strongly, is that by I feel a huge love that will be part of my life forever.”

Love is a wonderful world that we will never finish exploring completely, so go ahead with your partner discovering it. We will be waiting for you on our website with the most varied selection of phrases.

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Looking for the best messages for the day of love ? Love texts for Valentine’s Day ? A very special date for lovers is approaching, you do well from now on to think about how to surprise your boyfriend (a), for example, by dedicating a romantic message for Valentine’s Day.

It is not necessary to write a will, you just need to express your love with a few words that can reflect that feeling that you consider eternal and that you need to share in a nice Valentine’s Day dedication.

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