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Cobadex infantil para que sirve

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Cobadex infantil para que sirve


With very high doses, the appearance of respiratory depression could be expected. Dizziness, drowsiness, nausea or vomiting, gastralgias may appear, but are of very rare incidence. Signs of overdose: confusion, excitement, nervousness, restlessness or unusual irritability.

Concomitant use with CNS depressant drugs may potentiate this effect. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors concomitant with dextromethorphan may produce excitation, hypotension and hyperpyrexia.

The risk-benefit ratio should be evaluated in the following clinical situations: asthma and hepatic dysfunction. Active Ingredients of CobadexAmbroxol →Dextromethorphan →Pathologies of CobadexTos →Laboratory that produces CobadexMAVER →


Mucolytic and antitussive. It provides cough relief, due to minor irritations of the bronchi and throat, helps in bronchopulmonary processes that involve increased viscosity and adherence of mucus, in which it is necessary to keep the respiratory tree free.

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Cobadex dosage

DXM-containing medicines are sold as lozenges, syrup, capsules, and throat lozenges or lozenges. But some people extract DXM from cough syrups and make it into “pure” DXM powder or capsules.

When a person takes an excessive amount of DXM, they can have hallucinations and “out of body” experiences. DXM also depresses brain function, especially in the parts of the brain that control breathing and heart function. Taking too much DXM causes hallucinations and out-of-body experiences similar to those caused by drugs such as ketamine and PCP. These effects can last up to 6 hours DXM can also cause users to have trouble controlling their limbs and can cause blurred vision, slurred speech, dizziness, and impaired judgment.    Other short-term effects include the following:

Cobadex pediatric dosage for infants

Ambroxol is a drug with mucolytic and expectorant effect. This means that it is used in pathologies that cause a large amount of thick mucus that is difficult to eliminate, but some precautions must be taken into account for its correct use in dogs. Therefore, it is very important that we only administer ambroxol for dogs if it has been prescribed by the veterinarian.In this ExpertAnimal article we explain in detail everything you need to know about ambroxol in dogs, its main uses, side effects and possible contraindications.

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Given the effect of ambroxol, the veterinarian can prescribe it when our dog has a respiratory disease that produces a large amount of very thick mucus, productive cough or when he has difficulty expelling mucus. It is effective in both upper and lower respiratory tract pathologies. It treats diseases such as pneumonia, sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis or tracheitis. It is also used for bronchopneumonia, whether infectious or non-infectious. In addition, it can be prescribed when the dog suffers from a disease of viral origin that has caused respiratory complications.ambroxol is only one of the drugs used to cure these types of diseases. It is never administered alone when the veterinarian diagnoses an infection. In fact, this drug manages to increase the concentration of the antibiotic in the lung parenchyma, making the treatment more effective. It also increases the concentration of immunoglobulins in bronchial secretions. In short, ambroxol makes the dog breathe better and favors its recovery.

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