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Honda x adv milanuncios

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Honda x adv milanuncios

Honda scooter 750 x-adv

I am selling my 2018 X-adv with G button i environmental label C to ride in low emission zones. It carries the Honda Mapit of gps with app for mobile. It carries original Puig license plate holder with intermittent light posiciónal i brake light. New tires this November, along with the drag kit and the review of filters and oils. It also has a suitcase holder and original Honda suitcase. At the moment it mounts an exhaust with homologated MIVV full line (the original one will be delivered). Motorcycle in perfect condition, better to see. More information by private.9.590 EUR

I sell HONDA X-ADV 750 ABS , registered in February 2018, with 15,300 km. EXTRAS: ABS, rear suitcase, button G. ITV and reviews up to date. 12 months warranty on parts and labor. Change of name not included. Tailor-made financing from 182 €/month with no down payment (60 months). If you want to give your bike as part of the payment we appraise it without obligation. You can call us at 96 316 3000. Extension 1. Do you want to see more pictures? Visit our website. QUE LA DISTANCIA NO TE PARE.9.000 EUR

Honda x-adv 750 reviews

Crisp dual LED headlights show the way with bright Daytime Running Light (DRL) technology. The under-seat storage space now has a 21L volume and capacity for an adventure-style full-face helmet; you’ll also find a USB Type-C connector for charging your cell phone.

By linking to your device, the voice control system (available only with Android™ devices) keeps you on top of everything important while you’re on the road. You can manage driving modes quickly and easily, as well as customize the information displayed to your liking.

Configure the engine the way you want. STANDARD riding mode is the basic intermediate setting, SPORT mode speeds up the pulsations with HSTC low, RAIN mode smooths everything out and GRAVEL mode provides full power, with HSTC and ABS at a low level.    USER mode allows for complete customization.

Another feature unique to the X-ADV: seamless shifting, whether manual or automatic. The DCT’s shifting speed goes from smooth and early, in RAIN mode, to fast and aggressive with automatic downshifting, in GRAVEL and SPORT modes.

Honda x-adv mexico price

We’ve been looking forward to it ever since Honda started to get our teeth into it again. And within prudence, we almost preferred that the weather did not improve too much, to attend the presentation and test of the Honda X-ADV 2021, a fun half scooter and half trail bike, which is also available for A2.

Aesthetically, it is perhaps where it differs least from its predecessor, although the light signature of the permanently lit turn signals as daytime running lights in yellow, as the Honda Africa Twin and other sisters in the range, already gives the first warning.

But once you’ve got the hang of it and practiced with the different displays, you don’t really need to get distracted by navigating, nor do you have to reconfigure everything when you get off the bike. So with the ignition on and the handbrake off, I press ON and the 745 cc, 59 hp engine gives a pleasant welcome.

The first decision to make now is whether you want the gearbox to do its job automatically or sequentially. At the moment, I press the D to go in easy mode and go adapting to this machine, which does not cease to have its genius because it is known and affordable to drive. Especially, if you look for the tickle in configuration and piloting. And that’s what we’ve also come for, right?

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